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Building an IM Business is HARD WORK and this rant is about that . . .

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    Sean Mize

    Ok, I gotta talk about this but should pass on it . . but why not?

    Sometimes folks talk about how much hard work something would be and how most folks wouldn’t do that much hard work.

    Not only sometimes . . . I get alot of “advice” from people who think I water this business down and call it easy??

    I get a lot of advice from folks who tell me this business is hard work and why won’t someone make it easy?

    Well there are a bunch of folks online that keep telling people it’s super easy.

    People tell me about those guys.

    Then I ask my clients who HAVE worked with those guys and say, what do they teach, does it work?

    And they say, I signed up with them and did what they say to do . . and lost money.

    They told me it’s easy cause I can buy 1000s of solo clicks . . but after $2000 ad spend, I find out the lists are bogus.

    Or they have some simple facebook ad strategy . . .but I have to spend $5000 to figure out what the best headline is . . .

    And these folks have shiny, pretty pages like folks tell me I should have, that lure people into thinking this is wonderful.

    But where are the results???

    Yes, I’m ranting.

    I may pull this at any time.

    I have clients at $100k, $200k, just talked with someone yesterday who is at $15k a month using my techniques and I HAD NO CLUE.

    This isn’t monkey business, it’s not quick and easy . . but clients are making good money . . .

    working hard

    But the thing is, the internet – especially if you are trying to do it with free traffic – IS hard work.

    The reason is that nothing in life is free – even traffic.

    So you have to pay for traffic with money or time – and time is hard work.

    And even if you pay for traffic – that part might be easier – but building and optimizing the whole funnel is HARD!!!

    And if it’s too hard for most people to pursue – that doesn’t mean it can’t be done or shouldn’t be done.

    It means it’s hard work.

    Just like if someone wants to be a top judo master . . it’s hard work.

    or get straight A’s in school – it’s hard work.

    or have a great marriage – it’s hard work.

    Sure, maybe most people WON’T do the hard work . . .

    but even if that’s the case . . .

    then I am teaching to the people who WANT to do hard work . . .

    I ask myself, should I water down what I teach so that it works for people who DON’T want to work really really hard and be really focused and dedicated?

    What would that look like?

    First, I’d be ashamed of myself for not pushing the limits.

    Second, if someone wanted to be a top judo master (or swimming, or skiing, whatever) and they DIDN’T want to do the hard work . . they just wouldn’t make it.


    But should the coach back and off and say, well I won’t teach the hard work stuff cause most people won’t do it?

    I worked hard.

    Still do.

    Worked hard this week.

    Too little sleep.

    Fight with the wife.

    Doing something no one has ever done before (you’ll see soon)

    Creating literally a new “system” for folks to get to $100k much easier (of course it’s still hard work and still going to require focus, please don’t take that wrong)

    Have a deadline for tomorrow.

    A client who wants to talk.

    Haven’t exercised except for walking in 5 days and hoping I can finish early enough today to get a few runs in on the snow.

    Yes, hard work.

    And love it.

    I’m not griping, I’m not overworked (the precipitator was a 3 day revival type event at my church this week that took 7 hours a day out of my schedule – and I still ridiculously tried to do everything else as normal . . that’s a wisdom issue on my part.

    But I say again:

    this is hard work.

    Writing this is hard work.

    Responding to all kinds of desires and wishes and “I wish Sean would do this better, or do this different” is hard work.

    Trying to get this Forum going is hard work.

    If we don’t want to do hard work . . .

    then maybe this industry isn’t for those people.

    Ok, I probably shouldn’t have written this.

    A voice keeps telling me to stop.

    I’m not.

    I’m going to publish this.

    If you are one of the lucky (or blessed people to read this before I delete it after the first angry response . . .

    I hope this was really helpful for you!


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    Bruce Hoag

    It doesn’t sound like anger to me, Sean.

    Leave it up. 🙂

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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    Leslie Leftley

    Yes Sean,

    Leave it up I have seen far worse. It let’s people, within the group, see the reality of how much sweat and tears goes into keeping this group alive. I don’t think it will tear up any trees in most member’s heads though. Not that they are bad people it’s just human bloody nature. We are lazy mammals, and I include myself in that.

    But if it gets it off your chest, and releases stress inside you, then that’s brilliant.

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    Julia Rotgers

    Thanks Sean, I think we all need to be reminded sometimes that nothing in life is handed to us.

    It’s all to easy to forget how long and hard we worked to master something – after the fact.

    You don’t have any idea how many times you fell to the floor before you learned to walk.
    Or how about your day job, the school and training it took to get in the position – or maybe you learned on the job – either way it took some time.

    You don’t walk in as the master.

    But we hear and see SO OFTEN that this should be easy and if it’s not, we’re losers.

    I’m blessed to be in a family of entrepreneures on both mine and my husbands side.

    Over the holiday several of us kind of ganged up on a spunky 18 yr old (mine 🙂 ).
    She wanted to know why we were always saying we worked so hard when from the outside it looked so easy.

    The result was a chain of stories of working other jobs to pay for an entrepreneurial venture, trying things that failed but getting up and trying again anyway, paying the staff more than you got paid, etc.

    But every one of us also had the story of how we kept at it and things turned around.

    The stories inspired me. It’s easy to forget how much it does take and we don’t often tell those stories UNTIL someone is in close proximity to us because telling someone you might have to work harder than you ever have in your life, test your limits like never before, break down-
    almost quit but then find a way out, well… maybe it’s not great marketing material.

    I think the big question is “Why do we expect this to be so ‘push-button’ easy??????”

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      Bruce Hoag

      Collectively, those stories would make a great book, Julia.

      Think about the themes they each illustrate, and then make an outline.

      If you want some help, then let me know. 🙂

      Bruce Hoag PhD
      The Internet Marketing Psychologist
      The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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      Mark Rhodes

      I agree with Bruce, Julia.

      Your family’s stories would make a great book. For sale on Kindle or a great download if it fits your website.


      All About Health And Healing

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    Scott Hogue

    Here, Here or is it Hear, Hear?

    Tell it like it is Sean. Then let’s face it and get things done!

    It really isn’t hard things we do (try digging ditches), it is just hard to do those things consistently and with interruptions when you may not always (actually pretty seldom) have a clear road to success laid out for you.

    Just do it!

    I have a cold, then do it
    The rent is due, then do it
    I have some doubts, then do it
    My spouse doesn’t understand, then do it

    just do it

    If you don’t, when sundown comes in your life you will wish you had.

    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Sean Mize


    you are so right . . the tasks are hard . . .but doing them consistently makes them FEEL like hard work!


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    Sean Mize


    I think folks think it’s push button easy because so many people say it is!

    But it’s like anything else worth having . . a great marriage, a house that stands the test of time . . .good preaching . . it all takes hard work!

    even staying in shape and staying away from sugar is hard work!


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