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    Willie Armit

    Hi all,

    In Sean’s ‘Fast Start Training’ ‘Introduction’ section, in the audio lessons he talks about setting up a squeeze page, now what I’d like to know what is the best set-up or website to use for the squeeze page to be installed into:

    A. A static page on a website.
    B. A blog website with the squeeze put on a random post.
    C. A page on any website
    D. A blogger/google website.
    E. A wordpress website.

    Any suggestions on how to go about setting up my squeeze page would be grateful?


    Willie Armit

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    Don Sturgill

    It needs to be a separate page devoted entirely to collecting opt-ins, Willie. Where really doesn’t matter … as long as the page loads quickly and sticks to the one focus: opt-ins. It should offer no other links whatsoever (in my opinion).

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    Steve Allen

    Don is right. Where your squeeze page it does not matter but always remember…one page for one action. If you give people too many options they’ll usually choose no action. You squeeze page should focus totally on an opt-in and have no other options on the page.

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    Bruce Hoag

    Willie, there is no such thing as “best.”

    If you’re starting from scratch, then I’d pick whatever was the easiest for you to do.

    Just get it out there.

    Work on what’s most important, and when you’re bored or too tired to do anything else, then you can tweak your site.

    But if you devote your energies to tweaking, then you’ll never do anything else.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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    Scott Hogue

    Here is how I do squeeze pages. Not saying it is right, but maybe it isn’t too wrong.

    Get Response is my current email autoresponder. You can make all the squeeze pages you want with them, themes, templates, etc.
    So I make the squeeze page with them, but I DON’T send people there with my offers.
    I make a page on my website that is not in the navigation that I send people to, then I redirect them to the squeeze page from there. It barely even blinks as they go there.

    Here is why. If I change autoresponders all of those offers will go to an account that doesn’t exist. This way they still come to me and I can send them anywhere I want.

    I can change offers, do a lot of changes and I have control. Split test at this point and send them to different squeeze pages.

    It is just how I do it.

    Scott Hogue CChH

    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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      Leslie Leftley

      Great Scott,

      Excuse the pun:)

      When I, eventually, get to the stage you are , I may seek you out for advice, you seem to have a few neat little tips and tricks up your sleeve.

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    That’s good, Scott! Great idea. Thanks for sharing that tip. It’s time for me to make a squeeze, too…

    ♥ Coach Claire

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    Bob Moore

    As others have stated, where you set it up is irrelevant. What I’ve learned is that the squeeze page has one function and one function only: Get the lead. In split-testing, I’ve found that the simpler you make it, the better.

    You can have fancy backgrounds, fancy fonts, and fancy effects, but those are all distractors.

    The simpler you make it, the better your conversion rates.

    Just tell them, “Here’s what you need to do. Here’s how to do it.” Give me your email address. Simple.

    By the way. . .on my squeeze pages, I NEVER ask for the name. Some people may disagree with me on this, and that’s fine. I just see it as an unnecessary step. It worked years ago, but people are more savvy these days.

    They know you’re not writing a personalized email to them, so why bother? It’s just another hoop for them to jump through.

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    Bruce Hoag

    It’s called a squeeze page because it squeezes the decision the people have to make.

    Their choice is either to complete the request for their email and receive the free training or leave the page.

    I’ve modified mine a little – something I’ve seen others do.

    In the small print at the bottom, I have a link to my blog.

    Other entrepreneurs, such as Ana Hoffman and Darren Rowse have done the same thing.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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      Leslie Leftley

      Hi Bruce,

      Call me old fashioned but I think the squeeze page should require one of two actions: To opt in or to leave. I just feel anything else on the page just diverts attention away from the singular action you want the prospect to take.

      Once the prospect becomes a subscriber you can link him to your blog via email

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    Sean Mize


    great question here, and to everyone who helped . . great discussion!

    but I do want to say I teach you exactly how in the additional Fast Start Training Lessons (after the introduction)


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    Bruce Hoag

    You’re not old-fashioned, Leslie.

    I’m just doing it differently for the time-being.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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