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How Do You Do This On Facebook?

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    Julia Rotgers

    It’s really dependent on the services you use as to how you can work within the limitations of Facebook to add an opt-in.

    There are a couple of ways if you have a Facebook Page. They don’t allow them on your personal profile.

    For example;
    You can add a link to your autoresponder hosted opt-in form to the button on your page. this is a good option because FB does not display the opt-in form if it is hosted on a FB tab when viewed on mobile.

    With so much mobile web use, linking to an outside form or page would be a better choice.

    You can also use certain services that allow you to publish to a FB tab – but there again, you would need to redirect the page for mobile viewers so they could view the opt-in form on your hosted page.

    Another option is to use Facebook’s Lead Ad (paid) service which includes a contact form in the ad.

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    Scott Hogue

    Not a knowledgeable facebooker

    Julia, thank you for your response, but honestly I am not far enough along in facebook to understand what you are saying.

    When I think I figure something out they change it. Now they are doing popups on my page, oh how I hate that!

    A facebook button?
    How do you create a link that stays in place? Like a “sticky” in a forum
    A facebook tab?

    If you have time, maybe you could explain and put it down where us goats can get it.
    thanks again!

    Scott Hogue CChH
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    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Hey Scott,
    There’s a tab on the far right on your FB page (underneath my logo in the picture) that says, “Sign up”.

    FB signup

    You would click on the button and you’ll get a popup box that directs you to put in the link to your email list.


    You have to get that code from your autoresponder.

    Personally, I redirect them to the blog I’m building, because I have an automatic pop-up there that does all the work. It allows them to see a few articles from me, which (I hope) establishes trust. (I really need to get plugging away on writing more articles, however.)

    From there, they sign up. I’ve gotten about 15 subscribers that way so far, having very, very minimal content.

    But you can, of course, redirect the to wherever you want. Most autoresponders give you the option to host your sign-up page. (If not, it would be the URL of your own sign-up page, with their code pasted in on it).

    I’m sure there are much more complex ways of getting subscribers via FB, but that’s at least a start.

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