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Why Do You Buy From Sean?

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    Scott Hogue

    This week I bought something from Sean.

    Last week I paid the lifetime membership fee for this group.

    I have five backup data DVD’s of Sean’s material and I am starting on a sixth.

    Why would I buy from Sean and why on earth would I buy again after joking I have more of his material than he does?

    First, I have a lot of IM material from a lot of people, but Sean is different.

    Of all the money I have spend on all of the marketers, trainers and gurus, Sean is the only one I can email and have him return the email. Not a machine that says this email is not monitored, if you have a problem send it to customer service at “Iamtoobusytofoolwithyouservice@Idon’”
    Not someone else that the guru has hired to read their email.
    Sean will get around to answering you, not only that, at least once a week Sean asks you to tell him what you think about something.

    Sean does’t make outrageous claims. I have been around long enough now that I know that making a $100K income on the internet overnight and taking the next week off to spend it isn’t realistic.

    Sean says if you aren’t making $5k a month or more, you should focus on that for your first goal. Might take you two months from scratch. Might take six. Could take you a year if you are struggling with what your purpose is and won’t take some actions daily, but make it your first goal.

    Sean gives away more stuff than most people sell. If you want to know what Sean is about, you can find him on Youtube or sign up for a free call or read a hundred of his articles over on ezine.

    What Sean teaches works. You may have to get out a hammer and beat on it a bit to make it fit your niche or your style of doing things, but if you can get the tire on your rim, you can roll with it.

    Now here is the reason I bought again this week:

    You have to hear it again and again to make it work. You may have to hear it four different ways to see it for you. You may have to try it and not follow through six or seven times, but if you keep hearing it, the message will change your life.

    Keep putting good things in and good things will come out.

    You have to make this a lifestyle. Like weight loss, you don’t just try it a week and see if you lose your forty extra pounds.

    If you want to lose forty pounds or make a living online you have to change how you are living, this week, next week, over your life.

    We simply must have daily motivation, reasons we are doing this, reminders, memory joggers, new ideas we capture, activity or we don’t make progress and we go back to what we are doing.

    I bought this week because it was something new to listen to that applied to what I am doing. It will keep me on track.

    How much is something worth that will keep you on track?

    Why do you buy from Sean?

    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Malik Ahmad

    I also have a hard drive full of Sean’s products. Sean talks straight to you and he doesn’t pad his products with fluff. He doesn’t use all that flash most Marketers use to sell their products. I am a fan of his style.

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    Tina Fletcher

    Yes I agree I purchased from Sean because it simple practical advise that helps you work better and when he said he was setting up a community I knew I wanted to be part of it 🙂

    All things Digital
    For Training
    For Services

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    Bob Moore

    Simple. He knows his stuff.

    If you have a question or send him an email for any reason. . .he responds. Imagine that. Someone who will actually take the time to respond. I’ve never had a question/inquiry go unanswered.

    If you’ve followed Sean for any length of time, he truly cares about his students. He’ll go the extra mile to make sure you succeed.

    Truth be told, Sean gives tough love once in a while, but that’s what so many of us need. Don’t take it personally. It’s designed to help you succeed. And if you just follow what he teaches, you will. . .guaranteed.

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    Sean Mize

    Folks, you are gonna give me a big head 🙂

    seriously though, thanks for your thoughts here!


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    Bruce Hoag

    I’ve bought his products because they always seemed to fit the need I had at the time.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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