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Your advice for all those who have made $0 online:

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    Dana Cassell

    The quickest way to earning money online is to offer a service that people need – either because they can’t do it themselves or because they prefer to invest their time otherwise. Some services that come to mind are writing blog posts or sales copy, editing graphics, setting up/designing websites – or solving some tech problem. You can find these “gigs” on job posting sites or even post what you offer on Any number of free and paid courses are available on how people have parlayed $5 Fiverr jobs into substantial incomes – probably searching YouTube and Google would bring up some free tips. Many people have used these quick service jobs to bankroll their bigger projects.

    You can also put the service you offer in all your profiles, email sigs, and put up a small website with contact information, background, and perhaps tips to pull in search traffic.

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    Bob Moore

    The best advice I could give to answer that question is to have a mentor. As the old saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Follow in the footsteps of someone who has been where you want to go and has achieved the things you want to achieve. That being said, Sean is as good a choice as you could make, but you have to follow someone you like and believe in. I think the reason so many people flounder in this industry is they try to do everything themselves or want to figure it all out on their own. That’s why people burn out so fast. I hope that helps.

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    Don Sturgill

    Put together a plan and work it, Claire. Don’t let one headache give you cancer.

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    Kristin VanTilburg

    Make more offers with courage and a desire to help solve a problem people have demonstrated a willingness to pay to solve.

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    Thank you, everyone! Focus on a need that people have in your niche of choice and solve it better than anyone else. This is what Sean teaches again and again. This is the secret. You’re right, Bob… there is no better mentor than Sean!

    Those ideas are great, Dana!

    ♥ Coach Claire

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    Bruce Hoag

    Hardly anyone makes money straight out of the gate, and there are many who don’t earn anything.

    Find a problem that people are desperate to fix, and create a solution.

    Then start writing, slidesharing, youtubing, or whatever to make people aware of your expertise.

    You’ll need to create a critical mass of content online.

    50,000 words on your blog is not unreasonable.

    And then you have to promote those posts everywhere that you can.

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    Scott Hogue

    There are always at least two sides to this. If someone came to me saying they had sold $0 online I would suggest they sell something, anything on Craigslist and then they couldn’t say that anymore and have that negative boat anchor around their neck 😉

    Of course there are the steps, methods and techniques, but really this is largely mental.

    Believe you can do it and you are tremendously more likely to do it.

    I have this picture somewhere that says something to the effect, “While others were telling me how impossible it was, I found I achieved a great deal of success by simply putting one foot in front of the other and repeating…” It is a desert sand scene with foot prints across the scene.

    Wishing you plenty of sand in your shoes to prove you made progress,
    Scott Hogue CChH

    Scott Hogue CChH
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    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Steve Allen

    Some great concepts here that I’ll add just one thing to…
    You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
    A huge mistake I made for quite some time online was to not have things out there available for people to buy, whether your own stuff, affiliate offers, or something else.
    You can’t make money if you don’t have an online presence that includes Calls to Action.
    Start and be consistent and it will pay off.

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    Carol Bremner

    I agree with Dana that sometimes a service you can offer will make money faster and it will give you some self-confidence. I got started online as a ghostwriter on the warrior forum. I quickly burnt out, but it made me realize that people are willing to pay you if you are offering something they want.

    And like Steve says, you have to have a call to action so people know you have something to sell. I’m really bad at that, which is probably why I like Udemy – they do the selling for me. Although I’m beginning to realize that if I promote my courses more, then Udemy will promote them more. So I can’t get away from the selling part it seems.

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    Suzanne Sukhram

    Affiliate marketing can be easy in some ways, but when there is a high payment threshold, and you stand to lose commissions if you don’t meet that threshold by a certain time, that can be difficult.

    The way that I have made most of my money this year has been by writing and editing and helping to produce booklets from transcripts of training videos. My clients have come to me organically – one person I just happened to ask if she needed help, and she did. Another reached out to me because she needed an editor for her book, and I am known to be the grammar police, lol. Another person I was helping and she decided to contract me to help with writing (ghostwriting, actually). I do have another business, but that is more oriented around people and marketing and with my health concerns this year the writing has just been easier.

    When people are getting started online, freelancing in a service is often the easiest thing to make money. I would make a long list of the things you’re good at and then choose one or two to pursue to earn some money. Once you’ve done it, then your confidence will increase and then it will be easier and easier to start marketing yourself.

    Hope this helps!

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